200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

In today’s world, Yoga has become a global phenomenon. The ancient Indian discipline of Yoga is followed in myriad forms by millions of people worldwide for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is a discipline that unites body, mind and soul. At one level, it... Read More

How to achieve a yoga pose?

Great sage Patanjali after having given the prerequisites of a yoga posture now explains how to understand the essence of a yoga posture. In Chapter 2 of patanjali yoga sutra aphorism -47 TH master talk of efforts moving into a state of effortlessness and mind... Read More

Result of yoga asana practice

Patanjali the great mind behind organization of yoga discipline has shed light on a yoga asana (yoga posture). His views on yoga asana are more than enough to understand the psychology of a yoga posture. However revered sage patanjali is an utterly laconic man, we... Read More
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