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100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We understand that not everyone has the flexibility or can commit to attend a 200 hours yoga TTC. This 100 hours yoga immersion is a well planned systematic course that allows students to become yoga teachers by completing training in two halves. Upon completing the first 100 hours (either online or in-person), the second half can be completed within 2 years in any destination of your choice, offered by our school.

This program is best suited for beginners and for those who want to deepen their understanding of the basics of yoga discipline. Meditation, paranayama and philosophy classes along with applied anatomy makes the 100 hours course a very interesting study package and will provide students the ability to establish their own self practice using yoga asana and meditation techniques.

The 100 hours teacher training course strictly follows Yoga Alliance standards, and the duration of this course is 12 days and 11 nights.

100 hrs Teacher Training Course India Program details:

This course covers detailed practice of classical standing yoga postures and seated sequences and the general practice of seated twists and back bends. Various pranayama (breathing) techniques will also be covered daily.
The following topics will be included:
1). Discussion and presentation of different instructors and their unique teaching styles
2) Different types of yoga
3) Conducting teacher and student interactions during a yoga class
4) Correctly demonstrating yoga asanas as well as techniques and modifications for different students’ needs and body types
5) Giving accurate yoga cues and their correct usage
6) Observing students and recognizing misalignments
7) Providing yoga adjustments and mastering the art of intelligent touch as well as intelligent verbal corrections (without touch)

In this section, we cover the definition and basic foundations of anatomy, the organization of the body, and the process of breaking it down into parts or sections of the body. We then look at how yoga asanas relate to anatomy in a holistic way and explore how everything is connected. In this way, we can understand the benefits and importance of studying anatomy.

Specifically, we will be looking at:
1. The skeleton as a whole and the names of the bones
2. How to use cues in relation to the bones
3. Muscular tissue
4. Connective tissues, including visuals of fascia, bones and cartilage
5. Muscular contractions: concentric and eccentric as well as isotonic and isometric activations

This course will explore the meaning of the word yoga, an introduction to the 6 orthodox philosophical systems, the paths of yoga, and an introduction of raja yoga as well as Ashtanga yoga and its principles.

Mantra chanting, chakra meditation and sound healing are techniques covered in our 100 hrs yoga teacher training course.

$600 USD / 460 Euros. When the application is approved, a booking fee of $300 USD / 280 Euros can be paid through PAY PAL or via bank transfer. The remaining amount is paid upon arrival in cash or by bank transfer.

*Please note that the entire booking and course fee are non-refundable.

Study materials, 3 vegetarian meals (Monday to Friday) breakfast (the first 2 Saturdays of the course), and clean hygienic rooms for the duration of the course.

Free airport/bus terminal pick up is offered (from Dharamshala and Pokhara).

Course Dates:

1st May 2020 – 12th May 2020
1st June 2020 – 12th June 2020
1st August 2020 – 12th August 2020

*To complete the second 100 hours, you can choose from any of our courses from the 200 hour schedule, and arrive mid-month.

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