Ardha:Half-Baddha:Bound–Padma:Lotus–Uttanasana:Intense Fold

Also known as half bound lotus intense standing forward fold. This posture tests one’s ability of hip external rotation and intense knee flexion. We suggest usage of props like blocks, chair and belts and practice of preparatory postures like seated variations of this pose and half lotus to safely reach the ultimate posture without any injury


  • Stand in tadasana, with an exhalation and bend the right leg at the knee and bring the right foot to the root of left thigh
  • Invert the right ankle maximally to create movement in the knee and hip
  • Keep left leg strong and left knee cap lifted
  • Hold the right foot with the right hand by bringing it around the back of the waist
  • Lift the trunk with inhalation and bend forward with an exhalation
  • Cup the fingers of the left hand and try to bring the weight on the center of the left heel
  • Elongate the trunk and do not push the left knee backward
  • Rotate right calf muscle toward the floor
  • Move the right groin forward
  • Right hip should stay firmly moving toward the left hip and vice versa
  • With an inhalation raise the trunk up
  • Release the half lotus
  • Come back to tadasana

Variations :

  • Beginners can rest both the hands down instead of wrapping the arm
  • Blocks can be used in case of a stiff back or tight hamstrings
  • A belt can be used to facilitate the wrapping of the arm


  • Mobilizes the knee and hip joints optimally
  • Helps to massage abdominal organs

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