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Chaturanga dandasana is a strength building posture. Make sure to use lower body and upper body simultaneously with an active core. This asana is not just about the shoulders; it offers amazing results for the core and adductor magnus as well. In Light on Yoga, Guruji has told us to move in this posture from prone position. However we are describing another way which this posture can be practiced by beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners.


  • From downward dog move into higher plank (make sure that thigh muscles are thoroughly engaged while making the transition)
  • Keep the body straight by applying tadasana principles
  • Press the hands and mounds of toes simultaneously
  • With an exhalation move into lower plank and bring the trunk in between the elbows
  • Move the skin of the buttocks toward the heels
  • Move the shoulders away from the floor and the sternum forward
  • Keep inner thighs firm
  • Inhale and move back into higher plank
  • Exhale and move back into downward facing dog

Variations :

  • Higher plank with awareness of tadasana helps to slowly and gradually achieve this posture


  • Strengthens the wrists, shoulders and core muscles

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