Janu Sirsasna

janu : Knee - Sirsa : Head - Asana : Posture


  • Sit in dandasana with a back straight and legs together
  • Fold left leg at the knee and bring the left foot closer to the groin
  • Evert the left foot and bring the metatarsal of left big toe down to the floor (see picture 1)
  • Move the left heel away from the right groin
  • Roll left shin bone down and left thigh out to the side
  • Lift the arms up in Urdhva Hastasana and fold the trunk forward
  • Grab the sides of the foot and bring the trunk forward
  • Press the right thigh down firmly and keep the left shin and thigh grounded as well
  • Move the elbows out to the sides and bring the sternum forward
  • Rotate the trunk slightly to the right to keep the spinal column even
  • Move the head down into the final posture
  • Inhale and release the posture

Variations :

  • Use a belt in case of stiff hamstrings
  • A chair can be used to the front to rest the arms and head
  • A folded blanket can be used in case of a slouching lower back


  • Provides overall exercise for abdominal region
  • Makes spine and hamstrings supple
  • Helps to manage prostrate health

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