Jathara Parivartanasana

Jathara : Stomach – Parivartan : Turning – Asana : Posture


  • Lie down in Supta Tadasana
  • Bring arms to the sides, palms facing up
  • Keep legs firms and knees active
  • Inhale, lift the legs up 90 degrees
  • Stay here and keep arms firmly rooted down
  • Exhale and bring both legs to the left closer to the left hand
  • Keep right shoulder blade touching the mat
  • Look straight to the ceiling with a neutral neck
  • Feet should touch each other and thighs should hug each other firmly
  • Inhale and lift the legs up

Variations :

  • Keep legs folded at the knees and do the same posture


  • Works on internal and external oblique muscles
  • Builds core strength

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