Pada: Foot - Angustha: Big Toe


  • Stand in Tadasana and spread the feet hip width apart
  • Pelvis should be neutral and heels should be firmly grounded
  • Inhale and lift the trunk up
  • Exhale and fold forward, and grab a hold of the big toes
  • Index and middle finger should grab the big toe
  • Try to pull the big toe up slightly and press the big toe down on the fingers simultaneously
  • Inhale and lengthen the trunk by lifting the sternum forward
  • Side ribs should move forward and sides of the trunks should move toward the arm pits
  • Move the shoulders away from each other and keep elbows active by not dropping them
  • Move the buttock skin toward the head and lift the back of the thighs up
  • In the classical posture, the whole trunk should firmly stay with the thighs
  • Exhale and come up with an inhalation

Variations :

  • Use a block under the toes to accentuate the calf stretch
  • Keep the feet together for intermediate and advanced variations (don’t let the groins collapse)
  • Use blocks under the hands to prevent a drop in the trunk due to shortened hamstrings
  • Use the wall to practice half forward bend for beginners
  • Intermediate and advanced practitioners can also practice half forward bend as a rejuvenating posture


  • Tones the liver and kidneys
  • Reduces the heartbeat and activates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Rejuvenates the brain cells and induces a sense of quietness in the mind

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