Paripurna Navasana

Paripurna: Entire - Nava: Boat – Asana: Posture


  • Sit in dandasana, hands by the sides of the hips and straight arms
  • Tilt back without curling the spine too much
  • Lift the legs up, with the feet higher than the head
  • Inhale, then on the exhale lift the arms to the front
  • Keep the wrists joints sharp and active
  • Stretch the interphalangeal joints forward and bring heaviness in the wrists
  • Bring shoulders back and chest forward
  • Toes should be active and pulled up
  • Lift the lumbar spine up
  • Gaze straight
  • Inhale, exhale and release the posture

Variations :

  • Legs can be folded with shin bones parallel to the ceiling in the final posture
  • A long yoga belt can be used as a strap behind the base of the shoulder blades and mounds of the toes
  • A yoga chair can be used to do the posture


  • Tones the abdomen and brings control in the core muscles

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