Parivrita : Revolved-Trikona : Triangle-Asana : Posture

Also known as twisted triangle. This posture works well on rotating the spine.


  • Step your feet 4 feet apart and keep them parallel to each other
  • Rotate the left foot’s heel in and toes out 90 degrees and move the right foot in by 45 degrees or more so that both the hips are facing forward
  • Keep left foot’s frontal part spreading nicely and press the center of the heel
  • Keep right foot’s outer heel firmly pressed
  • Pull the left thigh bone into the socket by pressing on left foot’s frontal part
  • Inhale and lift the right arm up and elongate the trunk to ceiling, exhale move the trunk to the left without disturbing hips and bring the right hand to the inner side of the left foot. Left-arm is on the left hip
  • Lengthen the trunk to the front and move the left shoulder away from the chest
  • Move the left thigh bone back to the hamstrings and keep the back foot firmly pressing by inverting the ankle joint
  • Look up or look straight depending on neck comfort

Variations :

  • Use a block in case your hand doesn’t touch down
  • Use a block underneath the calf muscle for hyperextension
  • Move back foot against the wall for easy rotation
  • Use the belt against the wall and hips to prevent tilting of the hips
  • Use height underneath the arm to prevent dropping of the trunk i.e. a chair


  • Enhances rotational capacity of thoracic spine
  • Develops strength in the back leg
  • Stimulates paraspinal muscle activity and prepares the back for other asanas

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