Parsva:Side–Uttanasana:Intense stretch–Asana:Posture

Intense side stretch posture. Parsvottanasana can be done with the arms in reverse prayer, hands on the hips or hands touching down. It’s good to start it with hands touching down by the sides of the feet to learn the action of the side ribs lengthening and squared hips action


  • Spread the feet 4 feet apart
  • Turn the right foot out 90 degrees and left foot in by 45 degrees or more according to mobility in the back ankle (Heel to arch alignment)
  • Keep the front part of the right foot nicely spreading and create a triangle on the top as well as the sole of the foot
  • Press firmly on this triangle and move the right thigh bone back
  • Outer edge of the left heel should be pressed firmly and left hip should move slightly forward to bring it in line with right hip
  • Lift arms up in Urdhvahastasana
  • Exhale and fold over the right leg. Hands should be cup-shaped by the sides of the right foot or forward
  • Create length in the spine by pressing on the back foot’s outer heel
  • Stay here with a long spine. If frontal lower ribs touch the right thigh one may put the head down and touch the shin with the forehead

Variations :

  • Use a block underneath the hands if they don’t reach down
  • Use a chair in front of the hands if the spine and hamstrings are stiff
  • Use a block underneath the calf to prevent hyperextension of the knees
  • Change back foot placement to adapt to a stiff ankle


  • Lengthens the back calf and gives mobility to the back ankle
  • Strengthens the front subtalar joint
  • Makes the spine supple
  • Makes the lower body joints strong and supple

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