Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita : Spread / Pad : feet / Uttanasana : Intense Stretch


  • Stand in tadasana with the skin of the inner ankles lifted to the groins
  • Jump or step out 4 to 5 feet apart
  • Press the outer heels firmly and expand the space between the metatarsals of the toes
  • Knee caps should be pulled up and thighs should roll in
  • Lift the chest up with an inhalation and bend the truck forward with an exhalation
  • Rest hands down with straight arms in line with the shoulders
  • Press hands and feet firmly and lift the skin on both sides of the wrists up toward the elbows
  • Look up with a concave back and move the side ribs forward
  • Exhale, move the head to the floor and touch the crown of the head down
  • Lift the buttocks up along with broadening the back of the thighs
  • Move the elbows to the shoulders
  • Inhale lift the trunk up with the hands pressed down and arms straight
  • Exhale and lift up the trunk
  • Inhale and with exhalation jump your feet together

Variations :

  • Trunk in the final posture can be kept elongated with arms straight at the elbows in case of lower back problems
  • Head can be supported with a bolster or with a chair/block in case of high blood pressure
  • A belt can be used around the ankles to bring firmness and grounding in the posture
  • Feet can be placed on blocks to give demanding work to the leg muscles and to bring more length in the spine
  • *This is a good alternative to headstand for those who cannot do it

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