Purva: East (in this case referring to the front side of the body)- Uttanasana: Intense Stretch

Purvotansana is a counter pose for seated forward bends. The triceps along with the calf muscles play an important role in this posture. When these two muscles are used properly, this posture becomes easier and more refined.


  • Sit In dandasana
  • Move the arms slightly back placing the hands 6 inches from the hips
  • Press firmly on the hands and spread the fingers paying equal attention to both the inner and outer palms
  • Increase the distance between the metacarpals
  • Stretch through the inter phalangeal joints
  • Straighten the arms and expand the chest
  • Back armpits should move away from the floor
  • Front armpits should move forward
  • Exhale and lift the trunk up with legs straight and complete plantar flexion
  • Press through the mounds of the toes and hands simultaneously
  • Pelvis and neck can stay neutral
  • Stay for few breaths and release the posture
  • Come back in dandasana

Variations :

  • Blocks can be used to bring more elevation in the trunk
  • If toes don’t reach down use a plank of wood or a folded blanket underneath the toes
  • Use a belt on the elbows to create firmness in the arms in case of hyper mobility
  • For beginners, use the chair to rest the hands on


  • Strengthens the wrists and shoulders
  • Provides a very good isometric impact with extended shoulders
  • Strengthens the calf muscles
  • Increases ankle mobility

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