Salabha : Locust - Asana : Posture


  • Lie in the prone position
  • Keep the skin of the sole of the foot spreading wide
  • Inhale and exhale, lift the head, chest and legs from the floor
  • Arms are off the floor
  • Keep the triceps strongly moving toward the upper arm bone
  • Lift the shins into the body and hit the calf muscle toward the shins
  • Glutes are engaged

Variations :

  • A block in between the ankles can be placed to bring firmness in the legs
  • A folded blanket underneath the pubis can help to create more comfort in the lower back
  • A belt on the thighs above the knees can help to release tension in the lower back


  • Makes spine more supple
  • Works to build strength on the extensors of the trunk
  • Builds strength in the posterior compartment of the thighs

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