Sarva : All – Anga : Limbs – Asana : Posture

Also known as shoulder stand, Sarvangasana is a cooling posture for our system. Ideally this should be done after head stand.


  • Take 3 – 4 blankets or a cushion as depicted in the picture
  • Stack folded blankets under shoulders and upper arms
  • Fold the legs and bring the knees to the chest
  • Keep the feet active by moving the balls of the feet forward
  • Press on the elbows and lift the body straight up
  • Support the back with the palms and press the pinky and ring fingers firmly into the back
  • Broaden the shoulders and keep grounded
  • Pelvis has to be neutral and outer ankles should reach up
  • Elongate the neck
  • Stay from 1 min to 10 mins
  • Exhale, bring the legs to the chest and slowly lower down the trunk

Variations :

  • Shavasana with supported neck curve can be practiced as a variation for neck problems
  • Setu bandha with shoulders supported with blankets for neck problems
  • Supported shoulder stand with the help of a chair can be practiced for people recovering from diseases

Please note: Viparita karani can be practiced instead of shoulder stand by women having their periods


  • Soothing in nature
  • Stimulates the thyroid and para thyroid glands
  • Enhances the healing energies of the body

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