Shava: Corpse – Asana: Posture

Shavasana constitutes the relaxing, recuperating and meditative component of the yoga asana system. The principle of Shavasana differentiates the yoga asana from other exercises systems. Shavasana has to be performed with complete intuitive awareness.


  • Lie down on the mat in supine position
  • Bring the arms 20 degrees from the trunk
  • Legs are kept slightly wider
  • Palms are facing up and feet should roll out
  • Elongate the neck and bring back ribs down
  • The lumbar spine should be neutral
  • Inner thighs and frontal armpits should be soft
  • Fingers are kept slightly bent and palms are soft
  • Outer ankles should touch the mat
  • Shoulders should be kept soft
  • Eye balls should sink into the socket space
  • Jaw should be soft
  • Clavicle bones should sink into the body
  • Inhale and feel the skin on the chest moving from the sternum to the armpits. Breathing should be normal and eyes are closed. Observe the breath flow in the thoracic cavity by keeping the abdomen soft.
  • Shavasana should be practiced from 5 to 15 mins depending upon time availability
  • Exhale and roll to the right with the eyes closed. Support the head with the right folded arm and stay here for couple of breaths
  • Press the left hand on to the mat and lift the trunk to come into swastikasana
  • One may stay here for few breaths feeling the quiet penetrating the cellular body
  • Rub the palms and keep the hollow of the palms on the eyes for few seconds
  • Open the eyes slowly and gradually

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