Swastika: An Auspicious Sign in Asia – Asana: posture

Swastikasana is a seated posture which prepares our mind and body to start a yoga practice. It is a posture that instills meditative qualities when done properly.


  • Sit with the shin bones crossing each other (refrain from crossing the ankles)
  • Bring skin from the buttocks backward
  • Roll the thighs out equally
  • Feel the sit bones equally in contact with the floor
  • Roll the metatarsals of the feet to the mat and release any tensions in the inner knees by rolling the thighs out
  • Move the sacrum in the body
  • Lift the sides of trunk up
  • Shoulders should go back and down
  • Bring scapulae toward each other
  • Elongate the sides of the neck
  • Lift the head from the base of the occipital bone
  • Relax the jaw and tongue
  • Gaze at one point in front of you
  • Eyeballs should work with the gravity
  • Wear a gentle smile on the face
  • Feel the breath and mentally prepare yourself for the yoga asanas.

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