Triang:Three Limbs - Mukha:Facing – Aika:One -Pada:Foot - Paschim:West- Uttana- Intense Stretch

Stretching west side of the body with 3 limbs facing one foot. Vira asana basics would have to be correctly understood before initiating this posture.


  • Sit in dandasana
  • Fold the left leg and rest the left foot on the outer side of the left hip
  • Left buttock should be grounded
  • Roll the left calf out and press the left outer shin down
  • Ground through the left pinky toe
  • Move the skin on the base of left knee out
  • Keep right thigh strong and grounded
  • Inhale and lift the arms up
  • Exhale fold forward and grab the right foot with both hands
  • Move the elbows out, pull the foot and move the sternum forward
  • Bring the shoulders back and the trunk forward
  • Exhale, inhale and release

 Variations :

  • Keep both hands down by the side of the shin to keep trunk even
  • Use a block under the right buttock in case of a tilted trunk
  • Use a belt on the calf muscle to release the inner knee tensions
  • Use a belt on foot in case of tight hamstrings or stiff back


  • Makes the digestive system strong
  • Enhances knee mobility

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