Tri: Three – Kona: Angle – Asana: Posture

Trikonasana, also known as triangle posture, is a posture which stretches and strengthens the legs and trunk area


  • From Tadasana jump or step your feet 4 feet or one leg distance apart. *Always remember that every physical body is different and each person is different in their practice of yoga asanas, so there is no fixed distance for standing sequences
  • Keep your feet parallel with your toes in one line and lift arms up in line with the shoulders
  • Move the heel of the left foot in by 45 degrees and toes out 90 degrees
  • Press the outer heel of the right foot firmly
  • Left heel should be in line with the center of the arch of the right foot
  • Press the big toe of the left foot and the outer heel of the right foot firmly
  • Both feet should maintain their arches
  • With an inhale lift the left arm up
  • Lift and lengthen the left side of the trunk
  • With an exhalation, move the trunk over the left leg by initiating this movement from the hips and not from the ribs
  • Rest the left hand on the shin / ankle / or on the floor according to mobility and strength in the hips and hamstrings
  • Lengthen the trunk to the left side more and press the back leg firmly
  • Push left buttock into the body and open up the rib cage by moving the shoulders and arms away from each other
  • Rotate the rib cage to the ceiling and lookup straight / or down, according to neck condition
  • Weight of the trunk is not surrendered down, rather kept in control

Variations :

  • Use a block underneath the lower hand if it doesn’t reach down
  • Use a block under the calf for hyperextension
  • Use chair / wall to lengthen the spine and trunk
  • Use heel to toe alignment to open groins
  • In case of a weak heart use the wall to support body weight
  • In case of recovery from trauma do Trikonasana with the wall
  • Use a tilted block against the wall to open the inner groin
  • Use the rope on the wall to open the rib cage and to build strength in the torso
  • Use the corner to open the rib cage to enhance breathing
  • Use the heavy block in the upper arm to stimulate scapular movement
  • * There are so many variations in Trikonasana and these variations have to be used for creating different stimulating work in weak and stiff areas


  • Tones the lower body joints and makes them strong and flexible
  • Opens up the hamstrings and groins
  • Creates mobility in the hips
  • Strengthens the torso and abdominal region of yoga practitioners
  • Makes the spine supple
  • Prepares yoga practitioners for other yoga postures

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