Urdhva : Upward - Dhanura : Bow - Asana : Posture

The entire body is placed on the palms and soles of the feet in this posture and is a nice stretch for the intercostals muscles.


  • Lie down in a supine position
  • Bend the legs and keep the feet parallel, touching the mat
  • Bring the hands over the head, bend the arms at the elbows and place the hands besides the shoulders
  • Fingers should point toward the shoulders
  • Hands should be placed wider
  • Bring elbows closer without moving the hands
  • Press into the hands and the feet firmly
  • Move the skin from the outer elbows to the inner elbows and hit the elbows back toward the shoulders
  • Exhale, lift the head and the trunk and rest the crown of the head on the floor
  • Bring firmness in the buttocks and keep the thighs parallel
  • Inhale, exhale and lift the entire body up
  • Be on your hands and feet simultaneously
  • Lift the pubis up
  • Stay in this posture from 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Inhale, exhale and bring crown of the head down
  • Inhale, exhale and release the posture

Variations :

  • Setubandha Sarvangasana should be practiced as a variation if the above mentioned posture is not possible
  • Use a block in between the thighs help to activate the adductors
  • Use a belt on the elbows help to stabilize the joints in the arms
  • Feet can be elevated to work on the thoracic spine


  • Tones the organic body and spinal chord
  • Brings strength in trunk extensors

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