Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Urdhva : Upward- Mukha : Facing -Svana- Dog - Asana : Posture


  • From prone position, press the hands down by the sides of the back armpits
  • Keep all the metatarsals touching on the yoga mat
  • Press the hands and feet down simultaneously
  • Exhale and lift up the trunk and thighs
  • Keep pinky toes pressing down
  • The infraspinatus muscles should be nicely engaged
  • Spread the skin of the chest to the sides
  • Move the head backwards only after full mobility in shoulder blade and retraction has been achieved

Variations :

  • Rest the blocks underneath the hands for greater mobility in the shoulders
  • Use a chair in case of lower back pain
  • Use a belt around the thighs to bring firmness in the lower part of the body


  • Makes the spine supple
  • Makes the shoulders supple
  • Expands the chest and makes lungs elastic

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