Uthita: Extended- Hasta: hand- Padagustha: Big Toe

Uthita Hasta Padagusthasana requires a good sense of balance and hamstring flexibility simultaneously. Through this posture one can understand the importance of not letting ones joint space get underutilized. The lifted legs thigh bone should be firmly kept moving toward the hip socket also known as the acetabulum.


  • Stand in tadasana and bring awareness to the feet. Feel the heels and hip socket in sync with each other
  • Bend the right leg at the knee and grab a hold of the big toe with the right hand
  • Bring the knee to the chest with the trunk still tall and with an exhalation straighten up the leg in front of you
  • Left foot should be in tadasana and the left arch should be maintained throughout the posture
  • Keep the right leg straight and bring the head of the right thigh into the socket
  • In a very subtle manner bring the right outer hip down but still keeping the leg straight
  • Press the right big toe against the right index and middle finger and pull the big toe with these fingers at the same time
  • Bring the right shoulder back and expand the chest with an inhalation
  • Maintain a straight gaze

Variations :

  • Use a belt in case of tight hamstrings
  • Use a wall in case of balance issues
  • Rest the center of the calf muscle on the chair and use a belt if flexibility and balance are issues


  • Makes hamstrings flexible
  • Enhances the sense of balance
  • Strengthens the gluteus medius muscle

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