Uthita : Extended - Pasrva : Side - Kona: Angle

Extended side angle as this posture is popularly called, is one of the most demanding postures that will cause intense activation of the thigh muscles.


    • Standing in Tadasana, with an inhalation jump your feet apart (Wider than Trikonasana)
    • Turn your left foot out and right foot parallel to the shorter edge of the mat
    • Left heel is aligned with the center of the arch of the right foot
    • Stretch your arms out with inhalation. Skin on the frontal armpits should stretch toward the thumb side of the wrist and skin from little finger should stretch back toward the back armpit
    • Left groin should move forward and right groin should be firmly pulled backward
    • Exhale and lunge forward with your left knee. Knee has to be aligned with center of the heel
    • Stretch nicely through the toes of the left foot and pull the tibialis muscle up by pressing the center of the heel down
    • Press the outer edge of the right foot firmly and hit the right thigh bone back
    • The left inner thigh should stretch toward the inner knee and the inner knee should rotate gently out
    • Inhale and then with an exhalation, bring the left arm down and bend the trunk laterally
    • Stretch the right arm overhead
    • Press the left leg to the knee and rotate the trunk to the right
    • Outstretched arm and right outer foot should remain in sync
    • Left side of the chest and the left groin should be pulled forward and the right side of the chest and right groin should be pulled back firmly
    • With an inhalation, pull the trunk up while keeping the back foot firm

Variations :

  • Cup the fingers of the left hand or use a block to create freedom in the left side of the trunk
  • Keep the right hand on the hip in case of stiff shoulders or tight pectoralis muscles
  • Rest the elbow on the knee if the back foot doesn’t have the strength to stay grounded
  • Use a rope (attached to the wall) to grab from the right arm (this will bring active awareness on the right side of the body and will make one realize the gravitational resistance). Pull the rope as you press the left hand down
  • Use the wall to keep the back of the body touching evenly to prevent extra arching of the lumbar spine


  • Makes thighs strong
  • Makes groins more supple and releases nerve tensions from the sacro coccyxegial region
  • Provides good exercise to the trunk area
  • Good preparation for Ardha Chandrasana

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