Utkat: Fierce – Asana: Posture

Utkatasana is a very powerful posture for the thigh muscles and for the connective tissues around the taloclural joint. It gives rigorous work to the entire lower body joints making them strong


  • Stand in tadasana and lift the arms overhead in urdhva namaskarasana
  • Externally rotate the arms completely
  • Pull the metatarsals to the heels and press the mounds of the big toes and pinky toes firmly
  • Bend the legs at the knees
  • Pull the shin bones up and skin on the inner knees toward the groins
  • Press the sacrum in and mentally feel the knees moving toward the sacrum simultaneously
  • Lengthen both sides of the trunk upward and pull the sternum up
  • Bring the shoulder blades down
  • Don’t let the lumbar spine arch
  • Press the heels and straighten the legs at the knees

Variations :

  • A wall can be used for beginners
  • Use a belt on the elbows and arms for stiff shoulders
  • Use a block in between the thighs to neutralize the knee flexion


  • Makes ankle joint strong
  • Strengthens the knee joints
  • Creates length in the Achilles’ tendons
  • Promotes flexibility in the shoulders
  • Brings strength in the trunk

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