Virabhadra:Warrior – Asana:Posture – Asana:Posture

Virabhadra: A warrior considered as a manifestation of lord Shiva. Virabhadrasana variation 2 is a good posture to work on for groin movement. It stretches the groins and at the same point strengthens the hip, but there has to be good communication between the back foot and front knee


  • Step 4 feet apart. Remember the distance will vary depending on whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner and according to the muscle length and strength
  • Feet are parallel to each other. Spread the arms to the sides
  • Make sure that the skin of the arms is nicely lengthening from front armpits to the thumb sides of the hands
  • Turn the right foot out to the side with the heel of the right foot in line with the arch of the back foot
  • Both sides of the front foot should be parallel to the long edges of the mat
  • Move the toes of the back foot slightly in and press the outer edge of the back foot firmly down
  • Inhale here and when exhaling, move the front knee into the lunge by pressing the back foot’s outer heel on the mat
  • Elongate the toes of the front foot and press them down
  • Rotate the front thigh out from the hip socket and move the femur of the rear leg backward
  • Coil the buttocks downward and lengthen the spine by lifting the lower ribs up
  • Move shoulders away from each other and press shoulder blades down at the same point of time
  • Elongate the neck and keep the jaw relaxed
  • Wear a gentle smile and breathe

Variations :

  • Put a belt around the front knee and back foot
  • Place a block in front of the knee and against the wall
  • Keep the foot lifted on a block in case of groin stiffness
  • Keep a slanted foot in case of a short calf muscle
  • For practitioners with a weak heart, use a wall 
  • Use a chair for knee problems


  • Increases mobility of hips
  • Strengthens the hips
  • Gives better control of the perennial muscles
  • Good for knees when done in good supervision
  • Helps to develop a balance between the calf and tibialis muscles
  • Strengthens the spine
  • Opens the chest and makes the shoulders strong

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