200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

In today’s world, Yoga has become a global phenomenon. The ancient Indian discipline of Yoga is followed in myriad forms by millions of people worldwide for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is a discipline that unites body, mind and soul. At one level, it... Read More

Usage of yoga props

B.K.S Iyengar also popularly known as guru ji in Iyengar yoga community was the master who made famous the application of yoga props for different yoga asana practitioners. His committed and continuous work to make yoga practitioners understand the correct impact of... Read More

Is yoga union of body, mind and soul?

Is yoga union of body, mind and soul? Yoga as a separate philosophical system has its root in Samkhya system of philosophy which has a very profound and detailed epistemology. Samkhya talks about the two ever present realities called Purusha and Prakriti i.e.... Read More

What is yoga asana?

Yogis across the world are practicing yoga asanas in various forms and for most of us this means physical well being. Lots of studies being done on yoga asanas prove how beneficial yoga asanas are for our physical, physiological, endocrinal and nervous systems. In... Read More

How to achieve a yoga pose?

Great sage Patanjali after having given the prerequisites of a yoga posture now explains how to understand the essence of a yoga posture. In Chapter 2 of patanjali yoga sutra aphorism -47 TH master talk of efforts moving into a state of effortlessness and mind... Read More

Result of yoga asana practice

Patanjali the great mind behind organization of yoga discipline has shed light on a yoga asana (yoga posture). His views on yoga asana are more than enough to understand the psychology of a yoga posture. However revered sage patanjali is an utterly laconic man, we... Read More
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