Think of yoga teacher training and you have a multitude of schools ready to offer yoga teacher training certifications. Web is full of yoga schools offering a variety of short term and long term yoga courses.
However, which one do you choose? This is a million-dollar question in the present-day yoga community and finding an answer to this question is quite a task. Most of the schools are yoga alliance accredited and follow the yoga alliance certification process and most of them look alike in their functionality. Most of the students can only have virtual contact with yoga schools abroad and it becomes tricky to find out the reality. This makes it even tougher to decide which one to go for.

Here are 7 key points to consider before enrolling yourself into a yoga teacher training course:

Setting your priorities right:
Yoga teacher training schools provide training in hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and multi-style. As an aspiring yoga teacher one needs to know clearly which style one resonates with the most and your search for yoga teacher training should be based on your priority. If one goes for a multi-style it’s important to clarify from the school about the hours dedicated to each style. Read the description of course content carefully and get your questions ready.

Shortlist different yoga school websites:
Once you are a little clarity on what you want to take time to look for similar schools who are giving yoga training on the same lines. Compare the curriculum and course description and have made a few choices to touch base with the school authorities. Now you can shoot your questions by sending e-mails to these schools and based on the answers from the school authorities you can tick off schools from your list.

Social media and websites posts:
After having narrowed down the schools now it’s time to see the social media interactions from the schools. Posts and videos of the classes by the schools would give you a good idea to compare if the course description matches the posted visuals and videos. Ideally, social media posts should be in line with the course content offered by the school on their website.

Teachers and their qualifications:
Look for the teachers’ faculty on the website and try to see if you could find these faces on social media posts. This will help to establish if the same faculty is teaching or not.Also carefully read the qualification of the teachers their teaching styles and their experience. While interacting with the school management one could ask for more info about the teachers if the existing info on the website is not enough.

Pricing and facilities:
Look for the facilities provided and prices quoted for those facilities. Compare these prices and facilities with other schools in the same location and try to establish the differences in the pricing.Establish an active contact with the school and ask about facilities which are included in the yoga course package and non included facilities. Some facilities can be obtained for an extra charge for e.g. Laundry service. Ask about the charges of these services. Also in case of special diet requirements make sure to ask if these requirements are accommodated and if there is an extra charge.

Discounts/ perks:
Yoga teacher training courses usually come with early bird discounts, couple discounts and certain perks for e.g. extra stays at the school premises and free pick up and drop backs to the airport. Make sure you pitch for these as you make negotiations with the school authorities.

Course confirmation and FAQ:
Having gone through the negotiations usually 200 hours yoga teacher training course is confirmed with an advance payment of 25% course fees. Ask for a confirmation of receipt of your advance payment and also make sure that you go through information about travel, weather and cultural do’s and don’ts of the destination in question. Read FAQ’s carefully and cross-check in case of any doubt.Yay! You have made it and most probably your choice will give you the worth of your time and money.Salamba yoga teacher training is conducted every year in Nepal and India and we take utmost effort to facilitate our yoga students before and after the course as well. We aspire to provide a peaceful and informative experience of yoga in the Himalayas Click Yoga in Nepal .

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