Yogis across the world are practicing yoga asanas in various forms and for most of us this means physical well being. Lots of studies being done on yoga asanas prove how beneficial yoga asanas are for our physical, physiological, endocrinal and nervous systems. In fact lots of conferences on health issues invite yoga teachers to provide clinical findings on impact of yoga asanas on different systems of our body. However when great teacher patanjali was asked about the results of yoga asana practice, he chooses to talk only about the sprituomental impact. According to revered sage pairs of extremes would stop impacting the person who devotes himself to yoga asana. Now it becomes important that we ponder on these pairs of extremes or opposites. Elation and depression for example are two extreme feelings that normally impact our mood and behavior. And we know how our inner feelings impact our behavior. So much at times that just a look of our face tells others how we are feeling. Are yoga postures able to change our strong behavioral mechanisms which we know as reactions and reflexes? Going by the words of the master, yes we can surely change them. That means there would have to a quality in the yoga postures that make us see our reflexes and control or change them voluntarily. And this quality is developed by being more of a seer (drishta) rather than a doer (karta). In fact patanjali uses this principle in the third aphorism of first chapter of patanjali yoga sutras. Same idea has to be applied in yoga postures to inculcate a habit of observing, seeing and analyzing the posture rather than doing yoga asanas mechanically. Seeing with eyes of the mind and spreading awareness to different body parts which are engaged in the posture is an ability that can really impact our already existing behavioral patterns and this is the very message master is conveying when he says that abhayasa (practitioner) will be free from the impact of the extremes. Great Master Patanjali being a man of few words has not said much about yoga asanas however the ideas are very pregnant and provide ample room for contemplation and application. At salamba yoga teacher training India, these ideas are discussed in the presence of principal teacher to promote a healthy yoga asana practice which is pragmatic and intelligent in nature.

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