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Dharamshala means the abode of dharma (righteousness). This pristine, picturesque place has been rightly named being a favorite place for yogis and saints since time immemorial. Presence of HH Dalai Lama makes Dharamshala a must visit place. Salamba Yoga has its base in this pure, colorful town with different Tibetan monasteries and settlements making it an apt place to practice and learn yoga.

Pure air, immense green mountains and a clear sky at 2500 m of altitude provide a perfect background to immerse oneself in the yoga teacher training program offered by our dedicated faculty.

Highlights of Salamba TTC India in Dharamshala

Full residential course taught in direct supervision of Salamba’s experienced faculty

Salamba offers a full residential course in Dharamshala with well ventilated beautiful rooms with an attached toilet and hot water availability. We understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in your yoga journey.

Methodical approach to teach Hatha Ashtanga and Vinyasa principles


A carefully designed teaching approach ensures that students absorb and understand ancient yogic principles. Our dedicated team is friendly and approachable open to answering student’s questions and doubts.

Beautiful location, easily accessible and well connected

Salamba Yoga school is located 1.5 kms from the well operated bus station of McLeod Ganj. We are situated in a beautiful small town called Baghsu Nag, a heaven for yogis traveling from all over the world.

Hygienic yogic meals to savor

3 meals a day during weekdays and breakfast on two Saturdays of the course are provided by Salamba Yoga. Meals are well planned to meet your daily nutritional requirement.

Free Excursion

One Saturday of the course is reserved for our excursion to the beautiful grandeur of the Himalayas Dhauladhar range to familiarize our students with local tradition and heritage.

Ways to reach Salamba

From Delhi

A number of comfortable overnight Volvo buses from New Delhi ISBT (bus stand Ajmeri gate) are operational and take 7 hours from Delhi to Dharamshala. Free pick up service from Dharamshala to our center is offered. 

By Airway

 Daily flights from New Delhi IGI airport to Dharamshala (Gaggal Kangra airport) are also operational and take about 1.10 hrs. Free pick up is provided by the school which is an hour drive from our location.

Google Map location of our Yoga center in Dharamsala, H.P

Places to see around in Dharamshala

HH Dalai Lama’s Monastery

Dharamshala is a blessed place indeed with many attractions nearby. HH DALAI LAMA established a base in Dharamshala in 1959. Ever since, Dharamshala has seen multitudes visiting his abode to see this impressive monastery. HH Dalai Lama’s Monastery is situated in the beautiful town of McLeod Ganj which is a 15 minute walk from our yoga school. This colorful town is a home to hundreds of Tibetan yogis. Small stalls put on by Tibetans sell various interesting commodities including woolen clothing, Tibetan paintings, rosaries, herbs and souvenirs. With a smile on their faces, locals in this area offer a heartwarming welcome to the tourists.

Gyuto Monastery Dharamshala

Gyuto Monastery is a very ancient monastery of Tibet which was moved to India after 1959. This monastery is the abode of Tibetan tantric teachings and practices. Still preserving a great ancient tradition, the sound of the Tibetan chants continue to reverberate in the big hall all the time. The huge façade of the monastery and snow capped mountains in the background makes one sit here for hours and hours in stillness. As a part of our free excursion students at Salamba Yoga teacher training school also get a chance to visit this blessed monastery.

Trek to Triund

Free Sundays at Salamba Yoga teacher training course in Dharamshala, India can be utilized to do trekking to Truind. The trek takes between 3-4 hours where you come face to face with the mighty Dhauladhar snow covered mountains, offering ultimate serenity and a deep sense of stillness. The trek to Truind is a favorite amongst our students.

Hot Springs of Tatwani

35 kms from Dharamshala takes to you the holy hot springs of Tatwani, adjacent to centuries old Shiva temple and the tombs of yogis who meditated at this place. Many Tibetans camp in this area for days to reap the benefits of the sulfur rich water. The road that leads to the springs is rough and muddy, however it is definitely worth a visit.

Norbulingka Institute

Situated at a driving distance of 20 minutes from our school, the Norbulingka Institute is a Tibetan cultural center which strives to preserve the arts and techniques of ancient Tibetans. Wood paintings, thangka paintings, wood carvings, sculpture making and appliqué are some of the attractions and workshops this institute offers. As a part of our free excursion trip, Salamba Yoga takes students to Norbulingka Institute.

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