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How much yoga experience do I need to join the 200 hrs TTC course with Salamba?
We highly recommend at least 3 months of regular yoga practice by the practitioners.
What are the recommendations to prepare for the course?
At Salamba Yoga we do a yoga practice for 4 hours every day Monday to Friday. We recommend you practice at least 5 times a week for 1 hour per day to be prepared for the teacher training course.
Can I still do the course if I am not flexible?
Flexibility is not an issue as we see it. There is a lot of mental work that goes into understanding the discipline of yoga. If you are ready to absorb the essentials with an open mind, this course is for you.
Is your school Yoga Alliance certified?
Yes, our school is Yoga Alliance registered and certified. You may also check our credentials by looking for our school at this web address:
What is the maximum number of students that can enroll in a course?
We cap our enrollment at 25 people.
What language is used in the TTC?
We teach in English. Spanish could be used for asana classes
What yoga styles are taught by your school?
At Salamba Yoga we teach traditional and therapeutic Hatha, Ashtanga Primary Series and Vinyasa yoga.
Will I be able to teach after completion of the course?
Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Yoga Alliance 200 hrs Teacher Training Certificate. You will be able to register yourself as a teacher with Yoga Alliance which allows you to teach Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Please check with your country’s requirements regarding insurance and registration.
Can I still take the course if I don’t want to teach yoga?
Definitely. This course will provide a strong foundation for your self practice as well.
I have a medical condition, can I be a part of the course?
We recommend taking advice from your medical practitioner and filling all medical details in the application form correctly so that we may give our honest view.
What do I need to bring for the course?
We suggest you to bring toiletries and bath towels, medications, a warm jacket, trekking shoes, rain jacket (if applying for July and August courses), comfortable clothes for yoga practice, a refillable water bottle, notebooks and pens, and all necessary visa documents. We provide yoga mats and props, but you may prefer to bring your own mat and/or yoga towel.
Do you offer airport pick up and drop off?
We offer free pick up from your point of arrival in Dharamshala and Pokhara. Airport drop off is not included. Cost is 900 INR for drop off to the Dharamshala airport and 800 NPR for Pokhara.
Are there any books you recommend reading before attending the course?
We recommend the following books to prepare (not required):
Four Chapters on Freedom – Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Key Muscles of Yoga – Ray Long
I am that – Nisargadatta Maharaaj.
Light on Yoga – B.K.S Iyengar.
Can I arrive early and/or stay after the course?
Please inform us In advance so that we may check the availability. There are lots of lodges and rooms available around.
What about food and rooms?
Salamba provides rooms for the full duration of the course and breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided Monday through Friday. The first two Saturdays of the course only breakfast is provided.
I am a solo female traveler, is it safe for me?
Dharamshala is a safe place. Many female travelers come here and locals are helpful. However, Salamba Yoga advises that you do not walk alone late at night. Crime rate is very low but it is best to take precautions of yourself and of your belongings.
Are there local attractions and places of interest nearby?
Yes, there are a number of interesting places to see around our yoga centers in all destinations.
Do you serve non vegetarian food?
Salamba follows a very strict vegetarian diet schedule. Many restaurants near our place serve non vegetarian food.
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