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Salamba Yoga provides 100 and 200 Hour, Yoga Alliance International accredited, online yoga teacher training courses.

The online yoga teacher training courses will have the same structure as on-campus classes, but they will be conducted via Zoom or Skype.

The online courses will cover two styles of yoga, Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, and will be complimented by discourses on yoga philosophy and anatomy.

The online 200 Hours YTTC is divided into three segments. Each segment is conducted over a week, making it a 3 week online program which can be completed in the course of a year depending on the yoga student’s schedule. Students will have access to an online manual. Weekly exercises and assessments will be conducted before moving onto the next segment. Upon successful completion of all three segments, students will receive a full yoga teacher certification.


  • Access to the online manual
  • Exercises and assignments on a weekly basis
  • Hatha and Ashtanga-Vinyasa online sessions
  • Personalized alignment guide
  • Philosophy and meditation discourses
  • Lectures on movement and applied anatomy basics
  • Customized yoga sessions for correct and intelligent yoga practice

Online yoga teacher training course benefits:

  • Provides personalized and private one-on-one training
  • Gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace
  • Provides you an opportunity to learn in your comfort zone
Fees : 200 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training Course – $1000 USD / 925 Euros


Benedetta Polacchini

I just completed my online teacher training with Salamba school and I’m still crying my heart out!

It was such a great, brilliant, enthusiastic, and deep journey!

I never felt the distance by using technology to attend the course. Practice and theory daily classes drive you to another dimension, where you can learn a lot of what’s behind the asanas and the world of yoga and learn a lot of yourself too.

Anatomy and philosophy have been enlightening topics, the teachers fed my thirst for knowledge with their passion and their preparation.

They were by my side the whole time, during the schedule and in each and every moment.

I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to follow the course with Salamba school.

I would recommend the teachers and the whole staff of Salamba to everyone who wants to walk this path with love, passion, dedication, and deep preparation.

Looking forward to meeting you in Nepal

Renata Widzisz

I have completed 200 hrs online yoga teacher training with Salamba Yoga in May. I am very happy with the virtual yoga course and would like to recommend it to anyone willing to deepen their understanding of yoga practice.

The course was delivered on Zoom. Our yoga classes were recorded and sent to us which enabled me to watch my postures and analyse them further. Teaching faculty paid attention to our asanas and we were given precise cues all the time on how to keep the correct alignments. I was impressed with all the adjustments done online. I have learned a lot about the source of yoga asana movement and was able to keep the correct frame.

I was also impressed with the subject specialism of salamba yoga and looked forward to each subject: anatomy, art of teaching and philosophy.
All classes were very educational, and I feel that I have gained strong foundations in teaching yoga.
Last, but not least, I would like to mention fantastic online support offered by Salamba Yoga staff.
Thank you very much for all your guidance and for continuous support after the course.

I look forward to attending yoga courses in beautiful Nepal offered by Salamba Yoga in near future.

Bianca Francioni

I have just completed the 200 hour teacher training with salamba and couldn’t be more satisfied. i felt followed step by step by the exceptional team of teachers. with individual attention and a constant checking in my progress has been incredible. i am very thankful and will recommend salamba yoga with no hesitation.

Virginia Rabito

my 200 hour course is finished today and I feel like crying! the days passed quickly between practice and theory. the teacher was very patient, kind and competent. he explained to us the best way to use props (minimize problems “on the mat”) and gave us a lot of information on how to make adjustments. we also studied anatomy, understanding which muscles and which parts of the body are involved during yoga practice and specific asanas; philosophy lessons (I managed to understand everything) art of teaching and also ayurveda.
I found this course very complete and would do it another hundred times. I add that I don’t speak English very well, but I found a teacher who calmly explained everything to me and when I asked it he explained everything to me.
this course is done with love.

Nicole Treglia

I made the 200 hour teaching training online course with Salamba Yoga and i had really great experience! The teacher’s are very competent and transmit you all the love and passion that they have for the amazing world that is behind the word yoga.I also loved the way they adjust my practices making me understand the correct posature by using props and driving me to understand the muscles and joints involved in the movement, and how they teach me how to be able to do adjustments to other person.

I’m sorry that this days passed so quickly we became a big family because they makes you fill part of it. I also really loved philosophy, the arguments were so interesting and important to understand and becoming aware of the spiritual part of yoga,and the explanation were clear even for difficult subject.
I really recommend this school!!!and for sure i will do other courses with them!

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