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Teaching is an art and learning is a skill. When art and skill meet it produces a great symphony of new ideas that enrich our lives. Teachers who are a part of Salamba Yoga teacher training school in India are dedicated and committed to their job. We understand the importance that yoga teacher training holds for you and try our best that you get the full value of your time and effort. Faculty of Salamba Yoga consists of seasoned yogis who have been teaching for years. This combined experience works together to assist our students in absorbing the Eastern ideas of yoga. Our dedicated team works to make sure that your experience with Salamba Yoga is informative, inspriring and life enriching.

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Hatha Yoga Anatomy And Philosophy Teacher

Akshey hails from a small town in northern India and graduated with a degree in business. Being born in a family which has the leaning towards yoga, Akshey was naturally drawn towards the practices from an early age. His inclination towards yoga took him to various world renowned yoga schools and teachers, namely the Bihar School of Yoga and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Society (Rishikesh). He spent quite some time in Uttarkashi (Himalayas) where he dedicated himself to the study of yoga asanas and philosophy under the tutelage of monks and seasoned yogis. He considers himself a student who loves to learn whenever he can. He is a registered E RYT 500 hour trainer with Yoga Alliance who teaches anatomy, philosophy and Hatha yoga. He uses an alignment based approach which has its origin in the Iyengar method and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers so far. His strict yet loving approach makes him a one of a kind teacher who put emphasis on foundation and correct movement in yoga asanas. One of his popular one liners is “DO THE POSTURE NOT THE TORTURE”.

Satvik Pandey

Ashtanga Iyengar Yoga Teacher

A professional mechanical engineer by education, Satvik is a born enthusiast of yoga and its practices.

Satvik has been under the tutelage of various certified Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga teachers for years. His curiosity to explore different aspects of yoga has taken him to different schools of yoga.

He is a certified teacher from Kaivalyadham, Pune and has studied Ashtanga in Mysore for over 5 months following which he practiced Iyengar yoga in Mumbai for over a year.

Satvik is a special member of Salamba Yoga. His Ashtanga classes are also nice reminder of Iyengar intelligence and his down to earth nature reminds all of us of the constant and never ending practice of yama and niyamas of yoga discipline.

Currently Satvik is teaching Ashtanga and the art of alignment with Salamba Yoga and welcomes all yoga enthusiasts and aspiring teachers to his classes.

Sunny Attri

Teacher in Salamba Yoga’s team

Sunny is the youngest teacher in Salamba Yoga’s team. He hails from the beautiful town of Dharamshala, India.

Dharamshala being the land of Buddhist monks and Hindu yogis has left indelible yogic impressions on Sunny’s mind and have influenced his practice. He has practiced yoga for last 4 years under the tutelage of Salamba Yoga’s senior teachers. Sunny teaches Vinyasa flow in a dynamic and fun way, and his classes are always a healthy challenge to the body and mind.
His unique ability to instruct through his movements makes his classes very engaging and helps students realize their inherent potential. Sunny’s welcoming smile will encourage you to grab your mat and plunge yourself into the practice of yoga.

Every time one feels challenged or lost in the Vinyasa class, Sunny tells his students “do yoga and smile” which has a way to bring students back to their practice.


Meditation And Sound Healing Teacher

Sarvottam Kumar is a meditation and philosophy teacher with Salamba Yoga. He was born and raised in Maharashtra where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in sociology. His interest in philosophy and mediation took him to various ashrams where he deepened his knowledge of various meditation approaches and methodologies. Having worked with the travel industry for 7 years he finally listened to his calling. Sarvottam decided to share his experiences with yoga enthusiasts and began teaching philosophy and techniques for meditation in Canada for 2 years. Sarvottam believes that the way to meditation goes through an open heart which can overcome the hesitations created by the conditioned mind. His students fondly call him “BABA” which means an ascetic.

Ajay Reynolds

Hatha And Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Ajay, a mountain trail runner, teaches Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. He was born in Lumbini, India which is also the birth place of Lord Buddha. He grew up in an Anglo Indian family and spent most of his time in Nepal where he has organized numerous yoga retreats and treks. He is been practicing yoga for last 7 years and has spent most of his time learning yoga under different masters in Rishikesh (India) and Nepal.

Ajay’s classes come with a very gentle and soft instructions that make it easy for everyone to understand and apply yoga cues. Being a professional mountain runner himself he specializes in giving yoga classes to athletes and runners as he understands the key areas to focus on.

Ajay has also done courses on naturopathy, and his classes may incorporate brief talks about naturopathy herbal treatments for general ailments.

Patti Chou

Vinyasa , Yin And Restorative (Guest Teacher)

Patti Chou descends from the beautiful island of Taiwan where it was her sister who first introduced her to the practice of yoga. When Patti stepped into her first class, she was unaware it was yoga, but found herself absolutely fascinated with the method of sequence and structure. It humbled her to realize that you could build a momentum and set off a chain reaction to strengthen your body and mind from the inside out. Patti practiced yoga daily until one fateful day, she fell from a slack line and broke her humerus bone. Little did she know, this injury would become her greatest yoga teacher. Starting again slowly, Patti learned how to work with her limitations and drop the attachments she had to the future or past state of her body. As her healing progressed through the path of yoga, she felt a calling to share this with others. Her teaching approach was greatly impacted by what she learned in recovery: acceptance of the present moment with healing as the only goal. With experience of 5 years of teaching, she has become a great Vinyasa Ashtanga teacher who also instructs teaching methodology and sequencing. Patti continues to inspire people from different nationalities. Her long term goal is to have students take what they’ve learned in her classes and apply it to other aspects of their lives.

Amit Rehela

Hatha Vinyasa (Guest Teacher)

Amit Rehela was born in the beautiful town of Dharamshala. Constant association with yogis who come to this beautiful Himalayan town inspired Amit to dedicate his time to the practices of yoga discipline. 9 years of yoga practice and 4 years of teaching yoga makes Amit an experienced RYT 500 HRS Yoga teacher. He likes to read yoga scriptural works in his free time and devotes time for his own yoga practice every day. Amit teaches asana in a very individualized and practical way using clear instructions and demonstrations. Amit’s Vinyasa classes are demanding and will test your endurance by providing systematic work to different joints and muscle groups. Interesting cues and hands on adjustments makes his classes simultaneously intense and fun.

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