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Yoga Retreat Nepal

7 days retreat by salamba yoga aims at introducing the basics of yoga and how to incorporate these basics in our day to day life.
This program strikes just the right balance between having fun time at Pokhara and simultaneously taking a deep dive into yoga basics. Pranayama and meditation are intrinsic part of the program and hatha yoga asanas are carefully crafted to suit this 7 days immersion.

Retreat starts every Sunday and ends every Saturday of the week.

Shared room 400 USD
Single occupancy 500 USD

Foundation in asanas :
Yoga asanas introduced in this program have been carefully chosen keeping in mind the spine mobility enhancement and over all joint health upkeep.
Students are methodically taught asanas making them aware of functional movements and joint interaction dynamics.

Pranayama is the very base of concentration as suggested by master Patanjali. Keeping this in mind we have designed a detailed program to introduce the students with the potential of prana harnessing and benefits that one can reap out of it.
Ujjayi breath, alternate nostril breath and cleansing kriyas are taught gently during the program. Relation of breath with accessory muscle is explained and students are taught how to make use of diff areas of lungs.

Students are taught concentration techniques in first two days of the course and rest of the days are used to deepen this concentration so as to move into spontaneous states of dhyana.

Techniques of meditation introduced are :
Nada brahma
Kundalini meditation
Sehaj Yog Dhyaana
Our effort is to make our students capable of sitting in concentration on their own without help of the teacher for at least 15 minutes every day.

Free pick up
Full boarded meals
Herbal tea/ chai / coffee
Shared or private lodge
Yoga hall
Free wifi
Hot bath
Clean and hygienic environment
Dining area

Day 1
2:00-7:00pm Arrival Time
5:00 Group discussion and orientation
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Chanting(kirtans & mantras),Meditation & Concentration Practice
9:00 Retire

Day 2 – day 4

06:30 am – chai/ herbal tea /coffee
7:00 am – yoga class and pranayama

9:00 am Yogic Breakfast

10:00 am – free time to see Pokhara attractions

01:00 pm – lunch followed by tea

04:00 pm – yoga class

06:00 pm – meditation

07:00 pm – dinner

08:00 pm – satsang and kirtan

09:00 pm – retire


06:30 – herbal tea/ chai/ coffee
07:00 – yoga class
09:00 – breakfast
10:00 – excursion to surroundings of Pokhara
07:00 – dinner

Day 6
Same as day 2

Day 7

06:30 – tea/coffee/ chai
07:00 – asana
09:00 – breakfast
12:00 – check out

1. Our course payments are pre-contracted. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to book your spot. In any circumstances, the deposited fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable, unless the course is cancelled by the yoga retreat center.

2. Salamba yoga reserves the right to terminate/ expel any participant who is disruptive or abusive to the place, teachers or other participants.
In the event of a participants being expelled due to a breach of the rules, their fees stand non refundable

3. Alteration in the program due to circumstances such as landslide, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, and cancellation of flight, delay arrival, sickness or accidents which are not in our control shall not hold Salamba yoga responsible for change in course plan

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