Yoga is one of the doors-

Religions across the world show us the way to the spirit and that’s one of the reasons why religion and spirituality are inseparable. Apart from religions there are many methodologies and philosophies which refer to the same “spirit”. However, language and expression vary according to culture and time period. Resultantly religions and philosophies are seemingly different and diverse.

The gospel of Matthew in the New Testament refers to asking, seeking and knocking. This verse directly throws light on practical religion. The esoteric meaning of this verse can be seen as ” ASKING” by the way of approaching the masters or scriptures, “SEEKING” by the way of contemplating on the word of the master or scripture and “KNOCKING” by constantly practicing the method. The New Testament makes us understand that we need to make efforts to become perceptive of the spirit. The spirit is independent of the” matter” we live in and around. For example, yoga philosophy considers our biological bodies as biological matter and consciousness is considered the synonymous of spirit.

Religion is the door or gateway to the realm of the spirit and religious practices. Beliefs are not an end objective to be achieved. In some ways belief systems and practices of religions are asking, seeking and knocking. This is what the gospel of Matthew is referring to. As the door opens one sees the absolute spirit and perceives the uniform reality behind all the religions and different practices.

Yoga as a philosophical system and practice encourage us to perceive the spirit (consciousness or pure awareness) as reality and concentrated mind is seen as a medium through which we can attain this perception. Just as prayer and remembrance of the divine is a method to ask, seek and knock in religion, Practices of yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and dhyaana (meditation) are the ways to ask, seek and knock in the yoga discipline.

Through constant practice one understands that all the practices aim at bringing a concentrated state of mind where mind can only dwell on the spirit. Religious practices also aim at bringing the same state of mind.

Practices of yoga are available to all of us nowadays and books have been published with detailed and elaborative practices. Many practices are generic in nature which could be taken up by anyone. However a correct practice is essential to reap the benefits of yoga methodologies. Being in contact with an experienced teacher makes it easier to understand and implement a correct yoga practice.

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